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Good Luck and God Bless

My brother Kevin was saying the other day that owning a tavern was in our Blood.  Our Grandfather and Uncle Walter McMahon owned bars in Brooklyn. Our Aunt Josie Riley owned a very busy place in Yonkers, our cousin Tommy Loughran moved from Philly to Buffalo and owned Loughran’s……boy, that name is familiar, which is a beautiful place that is still there!  And then, in Salisbury Mills, we have the Hudson Valley’s Happiest Irish Pub….LOUGHRAN’S!  It must be in our genes!
 After 36 years and 5 months, Jim is turning over the helm to Jeremy and Koreena! They are both very excited keeping up the legacy with the energy levels I had 36 years ago!  They live in Beaver Dam and Jeremy loves the commute.  We were meeting one day at 10:00, he left his house at 10:00, and was here at 10:00. Pretty cool!  Stop in soon and welcome Jeremy and his family that will be continuing the Loughran legacy. 
 I love the Hudson Valley and am not heading south like so many of our friends. I am here to help make the transition super smooth, and after help being even more a part of our beautiful community!
 All the people that have worked here, all the best customers in the world that have made lasting friendships, the memories! It is a bittersweet ending for me this week, but I will still be here being a part of  the happy and sad times in the future…. And as General Douglas MacArthur said in his fair well speech to Congress from an old Army ballad: “ Old soldiers never die, they just fade away”. Likewise “old” tavern owners, we just fade away!  BUT NOT ME! Watch out! I’m just warming up! You’ll see!  GOD BLESS!

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Need food for that special party? Got 20 or more hungry people to feed? Loughran's has the answer for you; choose from several of our delicious dishes to serve at your next big event.

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Loughran's doesn't only serve hardy fare from Ireland, we also offer a fresh seafood selection and American cuisine!  to serve at your next big event.

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Loughran's Location - 10 Schoolhouse Rd, (corner of Route 94) Salisbury Mills, NY 12577 and our phone number is (845) 496-3615

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